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GS 2 2,000 Litre Grease Interceptor

grease traps
grease traps 2000 Litre Capacity
grease traps Large Pub / Hotel
grease traps Food Processing Plant
grease traps Below Ground
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Technical Data

GS 2000 litre High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground installation and supplied with a single seal Heavy Duty Plastic lockable cover.
Working Capacity (L) 1800
Diameter 1260
Height (to cover) 2100
Inlet / Outlet Invert 450 / 500
Pipe Size 110

Grease Trap Applications:

grease traps Take-a-ways
grease traps Cafes
grease traps Pubs
grease traps Restaurants
grease traps Market Stalls
grease traps B & B's
grease traps Hotels
grease traps Canteens
grease traps Deli's
grease traps Bakeries
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